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The world's most dynamic immune support.

  • Restores frontline defenses & long-range function.
  • Activates & enhances 5 types of immune cells.
  • Research-backed LC-Plasma probiotic protection.
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Enhance sleep, vision, cognition, flexibility, energy, long-range health and more.

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Ultramodern Nutrition®

Performance Lab® curates today’s best research-backed nutrition technologies, including:

  • NutriGenesis® lab-cultured vitamins, minerals and aminos: Cofactor-enhanced for superior absorption.
  • A bioengineered 2-in-1 sport carb: Absorbs fast like simple carbs, sustains 2+ hours like complex carbs.
  • Curcumin enhanced with technology that makes it 46X more absorbable than turmeric curcumin.
  • Patented CoQ10 that extends cell energy for 24+ hours and doubles blood CoQ10 levels in 3 weeks.
  • NutriCaps® prebiotic-infused vegan capsules and NutriGels®, the world’s first vegan softgels.

We combine these breakthroughs into innovative designs that revolutionize healthy performance nutrition.

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100% Quality

Every Performance Lab® formula is made with ultramodern nutrition technology and the highest quality standards in the world.

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